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Trailer Sales & Landscape Trailers in Farmingdale, New York
Bi-County Equipment Sales & Service, Inc. offers the largest trailer sales selection from our location in Farmingdale, New York. We provide a range of trailers, from concession to landscape trailers.

Light-Duty Trailers

We will define light duty trailers as trailers that can be pulled by smaller cars. There is no reflection on the quality of the trailers.


We will limit this category to assume that a car may be able to tow 1800 pounds. Allowing 900 pound for your load the maximum curb weight (weight of the trailer) shown in this section will be 900 pounds. You may be able to use other larger trailers depending on your tow vehicles. There are some regular automobiles that can easily tow 3000 pounds.


DISCLAIMER: Always check with your automobile manufacturer to see if your car is recommended for towing and the limits. 


Click here to see all of the light-duty trailers in all of the categories. 


Light-Duty Enclosed Trailers

These Enclosed Trailers have a curb weight of 900 pounds or less. Assuming you fill the trailer with an extra 900 pounds the total weight will be 1800 pounds. Many automobiles can easily tow 1800 pounds.  


Click Here to see some of our light-duty enclosed trailers.



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Light-Duty Open Trailers

These Trailers have a curb weight under 900 pounds. Most motorcycles are between 400 and 600 pounds so these trailers will fit our definition as light-duty.

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Although we try to give you the best user experience on our website there are many reasons to speak with one of our friendly trailer experts:

- Not all trailers that we sell are listed on the website
- There is a lot of information an we already learned most of it for you.
- More models are available from our manufacturers that we can get you. 

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