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Car / Automobile Trailers

Trailer Sales & Landscape Trailers in Farmingdale, New York
Bi-County Equipment Sales & Service, Inc. offers the largest trailer sales selection from our location in Farmingdale, New York. We provide a range of trailers, from concession to landscape trailers.

Car / Automobile Trailers
Like many of our trailers, depending on the size and capacity you can use the trailers for many purposes. Car / automobile trailers are no exception. Some trailers are specifically designed for cars and others will work just fine.


Enclosed Trailers for Automobiles

To protect, keep dry, clean and secure equipment many landscapers choose an enclosed trailer. These trailers are lockable and range in size, quality and features.



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Open Trailers for Cars

Open Trailers are great for heavy equipment, bins of waste and easy assess. Many Landscapers choose to use open trailers.


You can use Equipment Trailers for Cars
Some equipment trailers can also be used to transport automobiles. Be sure to pay attention to the trailers capacity and the weight of the automobile to be sure. It goes without saying that your tow vehicle and hitch also need to be strong enough for the job.


Although we try to give you the best user experience on our website there are many reasons to speak with one of our friendly trailer experts:

- Not all trailers that we sell are listed on the website
- There is a lot of information an we already learned most of it for you.
- More models are available from our manufacturers that we can get you. 

Contact Us so we can personally help you.


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